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he will go there, but at this moment he really doesn’t want to take this muddy water. These people are not afraid to offend Ampeyinmo. Your Majesty Ya? And the three big families should be tightly united around the king. How do you feel that you don’t want to support his decree at all? It’s just that this sentence is hidden in Yoko’s heart, and you didn’t say it directly. Although Glow City is the territory of Moya’s family, there are places he can’t reach, Otto shrugged. Could it be that this time the show was driven by a mouse. If the mouse has the money to do it, it would not be a mouse, Hill said calmly. You’re right, Otto nodded approvingly. The exhibition was not so formal, but it was still organized by the most powerful local businessmen. They called it black money and often sold things that were not easy to see. The slaves were Big head. The slave market is open every day in the outer city, and Yorko questioned, if there is anything to hide and sell, you will understand when you see it. Maybe I can call the Peyton family to join the curiosity in his heart, but he doesn’t want to be led by the nose. You are talking about the business woman who often stays with you that she can’t enter. Otto said that the admission requirement for black money is the most stringent of all exhibitions. She is indeed well-known, but she is not qualified enough. Do you want to buy that witch? Hill changed the subject. It’s not me, it’s the ambassador. Otto pointed to Yoko. The Lossy family is too close to the royal family of Moa. It is inconvenient for me to shoot directly, and it is easy for the Ambassador of Greycastle to taste fresh flavors. This fee is covered by I’ll pay. I hope you can send her to the territory of Your Majesty Roland and use the trade route you opened up earlier. If you have the shelter of the ambassador, you should be able to go smoothly. But the slave trade had stopped, Hill Wei said, and he didn’t know when it would resume. You can ship some other goods, just hide the witch in the convoy. Why do you w