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ly. No matter whether it is aristocrat or not, no one should hesitate or feel uneasy about this kind of thing, unless the world he lives in is very different from ours. Anna continued, similarly, there may be people in this world who treat witches kindly, but they won’t treat them. Treat as close friends. Do you still remember the bet between you and me? In the book, I wrote you as a visitor to another world, not hell or abyss, but a better place. You come with knowledge that we have never seen before, and the gods sent you By my side. At this time, he has nothing to hide. Although the details are different, you are not mistaken. I also wrote down what you would confess to Nightingale to me, Anna chuckled softly, and now it seems that I have guessed at least two things correctly. Roland realized that Anna’s intelligence was not only in learning, but her ability to understand and observe was amazing. Before he could speak, the girl took his hand and said word by word, I can’t promise you about Nightingale, at least not now. Roland couldn’t help being stunned, at least what does it mean that it’s not possible now, can it be done in the future? I know what you’re worried about, don’t worry, I’ll talk to her, go to bed early, Anna gently kissed his forehead, good night, His Majesty. The door creaked and was closed, and the room returned to silence. Roland did not recover until long after the opponent left. Text Chapter 648 The situation in Otto’s entrusted Dawn’s King’s Capital has fluctuated a bit recently, and even Yorkou, who is not too concerned about political affairs, can feel it. Since the new king ascended the throne, the guards rushing into the houses of the residents can be seen every day on the street. The most frequently talked about in the tavern is the rebellion of the border lord. There are a lot less exotic products on the exhibition, even under his name. The caravan also temporarily suspended slave transportation. Hearing from Hill, Ampeyinmoya not only took in the slaves of Wolfheart, but a