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he was selling, and the crowd around him also didn’t respond well, which was obviously not a good item. This is similar to the exhibition that Danny Ribbon went to. The first few rounds are generally appetizers, and the middle and late stages are the focus. According to Otto’s judgment, this time the Witch’s ranking should not be too far behind. Almost seven or eight hundred golden dragons can be sold. After all, for these businessmen, pure beauty has not attracted much interest. What they need is Excitement and curiosity. It wasn’t until the first living person was pushed to the front desk that there was a slight noise in the crowd. It was a woman who looked ordinary, except for a better complexion, there was almost nothing that made people shine. And Yorko noticed that unlike the slave market who likes to strip the goods for sale naked, she was wrapped up and down tightly, and she was full of gorgeous robes that nobles could wear, just like a lady. What kind of trick is this? He squeezed the waist of No. 76 and raised the auction price by disguising slaves as nobles. Instead of disguising slaves as nobles, but noble slaves, the guide smiled and corrected him. Is there a difference between the two? Wait, Yoko’s eyes suddenly widened. What do you say she is a The nobleman, on the 76th, made a whispered gesture. It was not a distant relative or a side branch, but a direct bloodline of a large family and a legal heir. Ladies and gentlemen, have you seen this young lady, the host man said loudly, Avni Tenforken, the daughter of the earl from the gravel forest territory of the Kingdom of Wolfheart. Of course, because her father unfortunately died in the war with the church, Therefore, according to the law, she is already the new earl of the gravel forest. The family of Tenfokken can be traced back three hundred years, and she is also quite famous in the heart of the wolf, but compared to family history, I believe that the emerald stone incident 20 years ago Let everyone remember it even more. Now is a good opportu