ney, how much is a thousand

he devil’s minions or not, it is always risky to play. And this witch’s ability sounds nothing terrible. Self-healing not only can’t hurt others, but it can also meet the needs of some curious hunters, so the price will greatly exceed expectations. Your lord, don’t you bid, the 76th speaks for the first time. Uh, wait a minute, Yorko wiped the sweat from his hands. Although Otto said that the black letter is money, how much is a thousand golden dragons, or two thousand. If the limit is exceeded, the “black money” will recognize it. What should I do if I asked myself to fill the gap? A series of questions flooded into his mind, making him a little difficult to breathe, let alone a thousand golden dragons, he couldn’t even get a hundred. At this time, the bidding has gradually stabilized, and each time the increase amount is around ten golden dragons, and the interval is getting slower and slower. One thousand two hundred and sixty, whether there is any higher Yokok knows that if he doesn’t say anything, he will miss the witch. No matter, he gritted his teeth, and if he exceeds the limit, he will reveal the identity of the ambassador of Graycastle. They will never be scornful to the ambassador of a country, and then delay it until tomorrow morning for Otto to pay. Bid, 1,500 golden dragons. He whispered. Yes, on the 76th, immediately raised his right hand, and there was a burst of discussion in the audience. Increasing the price by nearly three hundred at a time is obviously a must for the witch. This method of bidding not only shows the seller’s attitude, but also has the meaning of lowering other bidders. After all, those who can get “dark money” invitations are all wealth. Or a group of people at the peak of power, maintaining a relationship is more important than a purely fun commodity. If it is not something irreplaceable, generally they will not continue to fight. This is also the bidding method that Yorko learned from Denise, and he hopes to use this method to make other bidders get away. But his hope soon