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church thugs.” “Yes,” he nodded in response, “It’s not that they don’t want it, but it can’t cover Xueling. Easy to defend and hard to attack, my knight blocked the mob’s invasion. But my child was not so lucky. He happened to be on duty in the palace on the day of the riot. In order to protect the former queen, he was not only killed by believers, but his body was also hung on the city gate. It is not until you arrive at Yongdong that you can free him from the humiliation. “What a tragic story,” Garcia put on a sad expression and sighed, “Then what do you need me to do?” “The man who killed him was called the butcher, and he has now become the leading figure among the remaining rebels. This group of people is hiding in the desperate mountains to the north, and I want to avenge my child. “The Marquis stated calmly. “But I don’t have many troops. In addition to patrolling, guarding the city walls and the granary, it is difficult to separate manpower to find such a hundred exiled thugs in the wilderness. “She shook her head, expressing regret, “Moreover, once winter comes and the mountains are covered by heavy snow, they won’t be able to get supplies. Sooner or later they will freeze to death in it. Why should you rush for a while.” “Only a hand-bladed murderer can give me peace, Your Majesty. I don’t have to bother you to send a samurai to search for the insurgents. There are many natural caves at the foot of the mountains, and they must be hiding there. However, most of the cave entrances are extremely narrow, and if they are blocked with gravel, even a knight can hardly penetrate them. I hope you can provide me with alchemy items that can blow up the city gates, and I can do the rest by myself. “He wants Xuefen? Garcia frowned. This thing has powerful power and is an assassin that can change the situation of the battle. It must not be spread. She just wanted to refuse, and the other party said, “If you can promise me I am willing to return to the court to work for you, and the Yinlu family will also fully suppo