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the price of witches sold a few years ago is about a thousand dollars. Now that His Majesty Ampeyin ordered the witches to be eliminated, the transaction price should be lower. Thousands of Golden Dragon Yokos are secretly stunned. These upper-class nobles don’t take money seriously. You should know that even if you play all the famous Fengyue places, you can’t spend so much money. Is it because you are too low-level? , Has never been exposed to those really costly gameplay. In order to gain her trust, you’d better not touch her. Otto coughed twice. After all, she is not a real slave, otherwise it may cause trouble during the transportation. Of course I understand this, and Yorko sighed, but that was the person his Majesty wanted, and he dared not touch it to death. In short, remember to put on her hood when you come out, we will meet again tomorrow morning. The carriage drove out of the city gate and ran westward until the dim afterglow was completely engulfed by the night, and its speed slowed down. As Otto estimated, the two arrived at their destination after half an hour. At first glance, the exhibition site looks no different from ordinary houses. The slanted fence encloses an empty yard. In the middle stands an earthen house made of mud and straw. Behind the yard is the bare farmland and the wheat has been harvested. There were clusters of bundled wheat stalks left, like bumps growing out of the ground. The only noticeable thing is that there are many shaking torches on the farmland, and there are obviously people guarding nearby. Moreover, checkpoints are not set up in front of the courtyard of ordinary residential houses. After checking the invitation letter, Otto and the accompanying guards all stayed outside the courtyard. Yokoo followed the guide into the earthen house, followed the wooden ladder in the center of the hall all the way down, and after passing through a narrow artificially excavated passage, he walked Into a natural cave. The cave was almost half the size of Wangdu Square. With the lig