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p is closer to the original flavor. These are the extraordinary people who said that they imitated her tone, I remember someone still regarded salt and spices as savage The real aristocracy never disdains this way. Why is it different from what I saw. If it was before, Andrea might still argue for a word, and even feel a little heartbroken, but now she has Understand what is most important. Seizing the time to enjoy them is much more meaningful than just adding up your tongue. She glanced at the ashes nonchalantly, and without hesitation she pushed away the other party’s spoon, and put the tumbling pieces of meat into her bowl. This time, Andrea was satisfied. Text Chapter 647 Confession Chapter 647 After confessing to say goodbye to Tilly, Roland spent all his time transcribing materials. First of all, novels are basic courses for each subject. The textbooks written from memory were incomplete before. Now there is an opportunity to reorganize the content hidden deep in consciousness, and naturally we must make up the missing parts. Secondly, there is still a lot of gap between the usable and easy-to-use drawings of Neverwinter City’s current equipment. Using these mature designs can further improve the efficiency of steam engines and machine tools. Under the guidance of the new design drawings, Anna finally completed the prototype manufacturing of the first steam turbine. Different from the way of accompanying the girl in the previous life, Roland rushed to Beipo’s backyard after receiving the news, and the two sat side by side on the workbench in the yard, admiring the behemoth together. It is close to six meters in length, and the densely packed impeller is tightly fitted by the shell, which looks like a huge metal roller. A preheating boiler and a steam boiler are connected to the outside. Under the heating of coal, the main shaft is driven to rotate by high-pressure steam. Whether it is efficiency, noise or vibration, it is much better than a reciprocating steam engine. As the driving force of the new genera