Forest, even if the trolls needed a lot of experience, they had to be advanced at least once, no matter their intelligence, size, or fighting will. They roared provocatively at the suture monster and waved the mace in their hands. Without additional explanation, both sides immediately rushed towards each other! Further behind, the heavy cavalry levelled their spears and began to move slowly. The 348th chapter flies fiercely like fire. Spread the wings and let the air current lift them, as a stage in the vast sky, soaring freely. Freedom, swiftness, and unrestrainedness, no longer need to measure the distance inch by inch with feet, it is the common dream of almost all intelligent creatures on the ground. But when dreams come true, it is not always possible to usher in a happy ending, but often the dream is shattered. I have personally experienced the overweight and weightlessness caused by high-speed maneuvering, the suffocating sense of fear when I look down, and the taste of the new wind blowing on my body bit by bit. Some people would rather give their lives to pursue this stimulation, and some people suddenly realized that flying is not as beautiful as it seems. Therefore, after the initial blind trend passed, the Skulls became more rational about whether to transfer to the air cavalry. For example, Abu, although he had been on duty with other air cavalry and flying dragon for several days, he finally found that he could not completely overcome his fear of heights anyway. So he didn’t let his old man go to soak the source blood, and stayed on the ground as a dragoon. The mixed heavy cavalry team composed of the Shire and the Skalls met their opponents, groups of necromantic knights. Among the resurrectors who have a certain amount of magic power of the undead can only be transformed by swordsmen with outstanding martial skills during their lifetime, and they are the backbone of the undead system. The infinite strength and toughness of the hardwood body, coupled with the fighting consciousness inh